TSB Good Stuff! Terms and conditions

By submitting an application for a TSB Good Stuff! grant, the applicant(s) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:

  1. The TSB Good Stuff! grant promotion (“Promotion”) commences at 12.00am on Tuesday 2 June 2020. The application process will end, and further applications will not be accepted, after 11.59pm on 30 June 2020 (“Promotion Period”).
  2. The recipients selected to receive a TSB Good Stuff! grant (“TSB Grant”) will be notified on the contact details they have provided by 20 July 2020.
  3. Applicants must be 16yrs or older at the time of their Application and reside in New Zealand (“Applicant”).
  4. Applicants must complete the online entry form available through the TSB Good Stuff! website (“Promotion Website”) (tsbgoodstuff.co.nz) and submit a pitch video no longer than 60 seconds in length that outlines the problem and proposed solution (“Pitch Video”).
  5. Applicants may only submit one application for each idea. Applicants may submit multiple applications.
  6. The Applicant must be authorised by all partners in the development of the idea or solution to make the application on their behalf and be able to evidence this authority if required by TSB.
  7. Ownership of the intellectual property of the idea or solution is retained by the Applicant and will not be used or developed by TSB or any employee or contractor to TSB.
  8. TSB will not be responsible for a failure to receive a submitted application within the Promotion Period regardless of the cause of this failure.
  9. Applications are deemed to have been received at the time of receipt of transmission into the TSB Good Stuff! website database, not the time of transmission by the Applicant.
  10. The following applications will not be accepted:
    1. Incomprehensible or incomplete applications;
    2. applications that TSB determines contain offensive content;
    3. applications that are false or misleading, or contain content that is false or misleading;
    4. those that do not comply with these terms and conditions;
  11. The following are ineligible to apply for a TSB Good Stuff! grant:
    1. Employees and contractors, including real estate agents, of TSB and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses;
    2. Employees and contractors of group entities, including TSB Community Trust;
    3. Directors of TSB and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses;
    4. TSB executives and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses;
    5. Directors of group entities, including Trustees of TSB Community Trust and Directors of Fisher Funds and their spouses, partners and children, including children of partners or spouses;
  12. The Applicant agrees that TSB may require that the Applicant repay the TSB Grant to TSB if TSB determines that the Grant was awarded based on false or misleading information or was submitted without the appropriate authority.

The Application Process

  1. The Applicant must select the grant amount required to help launch their idea from the available pool of $200,000. Individual grants will be in amounts of $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000.
  2. To be eligible for acceptance applications must include a Pitch Video and the Applicant must complete the entry fields on the website with sufficient supporting information.
  3. The Applicant agrees that TSB may use snippets of their Pitch Video in TSB advertising of the Promotion. The idea or solution will not be shared. If a snippet of the Pitch Video is to be publicised, the Applicant will be notified by email prior to this taking place.
  4. A panel of appointed judges will review all eligible applications throughout the Promotion Period. The judges will assess the merits of each application and select the successful applications.
  5. The award of each grant will be at the absolute discretion of the panel of judges. TSB’s decision and the decision of the judges is final on all matters relating to the Promotion. No discussion about the decision process or final selection will be entered into by TSB.
  6. TSB will make reasonable endeavours to contact the successful Applicants (“Grant Recipient”) using the contact details provided in the application form. If a successful Applicant cannot be contacted by TSB after three attempts, their TSB Grant may be forfeited, and a new recipient chosen.
  7. If, in TSB’s opinion, the circumstances of a successful Applicant have changed between their application and the selection of Grant Recipients such that the application is materially different from when it was submitted, TSB reserves the right to remove, reassess the application and may decline to award the TSB Grant. This may include where the Applicant has received funding from another source or has indicated to TSB that they are no longer willing or able to develop the idea or solution.

People’s Choice Award

  1. TSB will consider all applications for the People’s Choice award and select the finalist applications. This selection, including the number of finalists to be selected for voting, is at TSB’s discretion and no discussion will be entered into regarding the finalist selection.
  2. By electing to be considered for the People’s Choice Award, the Applicant understands their full Pitch Video may be published to the Promotion Website for the general public to view and vote on.
  3. TSB will publish the full Pitch Video for each of the finalist applications on the Promotion website. The Pitch Video will remain live on the Promotion website for up to a period of 12 months.
  4. TSB accepts no responsibility for the protection of an Applicant’s intellectual property and will not be liable for any loss (financial or otherwise) of the applicant’s intellectual property being infringed by a third party that results directly or indirectly from the publication of the Pitch Video.
  5. An Applicant may request that their application is withdrawn from consideration for the People’s Choice Award at any time prior to the publication of their application and Pitch Video. Once voting for the People’s Choice Award has begun TSB will not be able to remove the application from public consideration. The Applicant may however decline to accept the Grant should they no longer wish to develop the solution.

Grant Recipient Obligations

  1. Information about successful applications, including the publication of the Applicant’s name, may be used in TSB print or digital promotional material. TSB will not disclose the idea or solution.
  2. If TSB elects to hold a presentation ceremony for the Grant Recipients, it will be a requirement that the Grant Recipient or a representative of the Grant Recipient (as approved and agreed by TSB) attend the ceremony to receive the grant. TSB will pay travel and accommodation costs for Grant Recipients attending from outside of the region. The requirement to attend may only be waived at the discretion of TSB. TSB may agree to allow the Applicant to accept the TSB Grant remotely via video conference if necessary.
  3. The Applicant agrees, if they are awarded a TSB Grant, to participate in any digital or print advertising or promotional materials about the Promotion, including participating in interviews, media reports and photography, where requested by TSB, for a period of 12 months from the date the Grant Recipient is notified that they have been successful. 
  4. The Applicant agrees to fulfil all obligations in clause 26 in a positive manner and in good faith.
  5. The Applicant agrees that TSB may use any photographs or videos, submitted by the Applicant in their application, for publicity purposes. This includes the right for TSB to publish, distribute, exhibit, license and use the material in any manner whatsoever.
  6. The Applicant agrees that as a Grant Recipient they will acknowledge the assistance of TSB and the TSB Grant in any media, materials or advertising produced in relation to the idea or solution.
  7. The Applicant understands that the purpose of a TSB Grant is to assist with the development and launch of the idea or solution detailed in their application. The Applicant agrees that if they are awarded a TSB Grant they will, within a reasonable time period following receipt of the funds, apply the whole amount of the grant to the development and launch the idea or solution. TSB may at any time for 2 years following the payment of the grant require that the Grant Recipient demonstrate how the grant was used, and evidence that it was used for the intended purpose. If after reviewing the information provided by the Grant Recipient TSB determines that the grant was not used for the intended purpose and therefore that the recipient has not acted in good faith toward TSB and the Promotion then TSB may require the repayment of the TSB Grant. A failure to repay the amount will be deemed a breach of these terms and conditions.


  1. The Applicant’s personal information will be held securely by TSB in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and used only in relation to the administration of the Promotion.
  2. TSB may disclose your Personal Information to any third party who has been engaged by TSB to manage the promotion. TSB will ensure any third party has appropriate measures in place to protect your Personal Information and that it will only be used for the purposes of administering this promotion.
  3. Applicants have the right to access and may change or update personal details, such as change of contact details by visiting the TSB Good Stuff! website (tsbgoodstuff.co.nz) and using the ‘Contact Us’ section.
  4. TSB reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions, as well as the nature, period and any details of the Promotion, or cancel the Promotion at any time, by giving notice to the applicants via email or through published information on the TSB website.
  5. A copy of TSB’s privacy policy is available from tsb.co.nz