About TSB Good Stuff

We want to support New Zealanders to help realise amazing new ideas that solve problems and generate good for the future of NZ communities.

This could, for example, be in the form of launching initiatives to employ people, programmes that focus on the wellbeing of vulnerable people in the community, developing health solutions or providing front line support.

There’s a total of $200,000 in TSB Good Stuff! grants. As long as the idea hasn’t launched, grants are awarded up to $30,000, to help with getting the idea off the ground.

All applicants had the choice to opt-in to be eligible for the People’s Choice grant. The People’s Choice grant was voted on by the New Zealand public and provided an additional opportunity to receive a TSB Good Stuff! grant to help launch a great idea. The People’s Choice grant comes from within the overall grant total.

Whatever the idea, if it will help to boost communities and wider New Zealand – then TSB Good Stuff! could help make it a reality.

Check out the eligibility criteria for a TSB Good Stuff! grant.